Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's Make this Texture Tuesday

I have recently come to love textures, not that I'm really good using them but I love them. A fellow scrapper introduced me to the wonderful work of Kim Klassen. I signed up for her newsletter but hanging head in shame...I still have not tried out one of her textures or 'recipes'.

Fortunately, I got one of those nudges from the universe today when I saw somewhere in the blogosphere that Kim has a 12 Days of Textures going on on her blog. The Cafe. High tail it over there to catch up with the amazing textures. You'll see what she has done with them and read her inspiring story.  When the clouds are the darkest, it only means the sun is sure to come back. 

Oh she also has these simple elegant calendars for sale. Yummy, aren't they!

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. Time to go within, and remember the Light is coming back!

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