Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Thursday

After a week or so of more serious life, it's good to have just an ordinary Thursday. No real worries, nothing urgent, no musts or gottas.  I'm really glad that I planned to make this Christmas super simple, with bare minimal decorations, and no shopping or cooking frenzy.  That was all because of the planned cruise. With my dh's sudden angioplasty and stent,  and the cruise cancelled, all that simplification was very well timed.

Last night, it was nice to be able to say yes, at the last minute, to going out for breakfast with a friend today. Annapolis now has a "Miss Shirley's"  and it was one of our faves up in Baltimore. We  had a nice walk to and from our house, not too cold, and in the sun.  Thank you Mike for treating us to a very nice morning out.

It's good to be back to a more normal life.

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