Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Memories

Since we had planned to be in Europe around now, I had decided I wouldn't do a December Daily this year. I would just document the Christmas Market cruise as my December and make it Christmas like as well as a trip documentation. Well that plan went by the wayside with my dh's scheduled heart surgery. Not terribly serious but not what we expected and no trip either. It's good to be safe and that's the main point.

However... looking at people's December Daily pages on line did get me into the mood to do something. But what? I haven't decorated the house very much and don't plan to. We don't send cards, I'm not much of a baker and both of us could do without that kind of temptation. So what should I make???? I finally decided on documenting some old memories. Most of them will have to be mine since I have almost no photos of my dh as a child, and only one or two of even winter. I've started. I'm not sure how many I'll do but it will be more than I've had! Here are my beginnings.

Now we have one of my dh. Different format which I think I will keep for his. He gets the artsy ones! I'll get the more traditional, simpler ones. Those are easier for me to add a longer bit of journaling. It's all about the story here.

Are you doing a December Daily? I'd love to have a link to what you're doing this year if you are. If not, it's never to late to do just something to make this Christmas special.

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