Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial - Unzipping

This seemed such a simple thing to do on my iMac for a few years til I seemed to have more files that didn't unzip automatically.  While I have to see if this just a tweak that I have to reset on my iMac, I recall hearing Steph of The Digi Files talk about this on The Digi Show podcast.

I'm going to continue to see if I just need to change a setting on my iMac so that I am back to all files unzipping automatically, I'll leave you with this info from Steph. Her favorite progam for batch unzipping is discussed in this short tutorial. btw, for digital supplies or other things I have purchase, I DO save the zips on an ehd (external hard drive). Better to be safe is my motto. I hope this saves someone some time! thank you Steph!

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