Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Quite Technique Tuesday

I've been doing lots of other things, and not being so good about blog posts. Mea culpa!

I definitely have been on a roll trying to finish up a lot of scrapping bits before yet another trip. The NYC shots are from back in September and I'm almost done with them now. I've enjoyed doing the pages and had I tried to do them earlier, I know I wouldn't have been ready. For the most part, I've been inspired by Anna Aspnes and am finally getting comfortable with more artsy pages.So there is some Technique Tuesday, but in examples not instructions.

I do like lots of journaling too so it's a balance between art and more traditional photo and journaling. I suspect I will find that middle ground in time or maybe I'll just flip from style to style. There Are NO RULES! Amen to that. So here's what's been going round with me and my computer...

Click to enlarge, and enjoy some of my recent trip!

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