Friday, November 11, 2011

Flashback Friday - My Moment of Fame

We haven't been to Chicago for a while, and a recent trip we had planned ended up a no-go. It seems that there was a shortage of hotel space due to a/several large conventions. We went to New Orleans instead and had a great time but dh still missed his fall opera.

On a trip in 2006, we had good - meaning not frigid - weather and while walking down Michigan Avenue, I had my moment of fame. I was stopped by a radio interviewer and had a chance to speak about on line dating. I had tried it but was now happily married, for 5 whole years. That gave him a kick to think this old geezer had tried a 'current' and trendy topic, but found her man the old fashioned friend of a friend way. btw, this was the first time I had stopped coloring my hair and went back to red for another 5 years! Now I'm whitish gray again.

btw: I'm 5'7". That man was tall!

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