Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get It Blended

No, not  recipe but a digital class I'm taking. Blending photos into the background. I thought I had an idea on this but oh our teacher Jana Morton shows me I'm just a slouch in the blending world. She does a zillion steps to get that subtle look. Me? I'm not so patient but perhaps this class will make me see that it's worth it. Watching the video while trying to download the video and scrapping at the same time? Not a good idea. I crashed my iMac twice.  Patience, Maureen, patience! I finally stopped everything and just downloaded the video on my Macbook so it could play as a stand alone item while I scrapped on the iMac.

Today it all worked so much better and I bagged my appointment with the Mac genii. Yes, I did get a page done out of that. Not the best selection of photos but it's what I started with so there I am. Here's to blending!

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