Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Friday

Lucky lucky me just won this calendar set over at Oscraps. Thank you Merkee for the gift!

Now, you may ask why this is FlashBACK Friday and not FlashFORWARD Friday with a 2012 calendar. Good question. The reason is that someone is going to get a calendar for Christmas with all photos of our late beloved cat Sebastian.

I have to flashback to his happy days. Ok, relatively happy days. He was a Siamese and they do tend to be pretty fussy. He made his preferences known, and I was not on that list. Ironically, he entered our lives as MY cat but from the git-go he was dh's cat.  Not that dh was interested in being owned by this boy but Sebastian made it clear. He did not want my lap, he wanted dh's lap. I was relegated to litter box cleaner and periodic medicine giver.  But give me the time of day??? Hardly. When I would go to pet him as he sat up on his window tree perch, he would let out a 'Ehhh' of disapproval, and turn his head away from me.

Nonetheless, I loved him dearly and was the one to help him go over the rainbow bridge. Well, Sebastian, you are going to be immortalized just a bit more. Enjoy!

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