Thursday, October 20, 2011

Computer Time Again

As soon as we got home from New Orleans, there were two main things to do. Laundry - but of course! and the installation of Lion on my iMac. Laundry is inevitable when two people empty their suitcases. That's no surprise.

But the Lion install had a bit of a hiccup. I didn't have a working App store app. Could I just go to the Apple site and download it? Not exactly because the damaged one could not be deleted. Ask Apple why, don't ask me. *I couldn't get a new copy of the App because my computer already had one...albeit damaged. So...the answer was reinstall Snow Leopard. Yes, this sure was a case of two steps backward to get one step forward. Snow Leopard did it's thing. tick tick tick of the time to reinistall...ok Snow Leopard reinstalled with the App store app.

Now that I had the App store app again, I got me my copy of Lion. The Lion install crashed. Back to verify the disk and verify my permissions. Ahhhh....Lion was installing. tick tic tick of the time to install. But finally we have a roar!

So is all good on the computer front? Yes and no. My wireless mouse seems to either not like Lion or has given up the ghost. My old wired mouse does not scroll in both directions. That's why it was relegated to the drawer of emergency items. My dh thinks I should get the Apple trackpad. Naw....Mama likes her mouse! Rosanna Dandanna was right. "It's always something."

*I do admit to being the one who originally damaged that app. When it was first installed ...last year? I tried to delete it. Don't ask me why. I wish I had a good answer but I don't. I think ...think...I thought I'd never need it. Whoa, was I wrong there!

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