Monday, October 31, 2011

AAM Scrapping Style

For the first 4 or so years of scrapping, I would have called myself a 'clean and simple' scrapper. It's what I liked and what I now realize, I was capable of doing. I didn't like the flowers and ribbons and other 'doo-dads' of a lot of scrappers but I think this goes back to the fact that I was never a paper scrapper. I liked the clean journalism style, withe good design, that I saw from Ali Edwards in my earliest days. I truly learned to scrap with Ali's earliest templates. was laid out for me, and I all had to do was add my photos and some paper. Let me tell you THAT was hard enough for me! I 'got' layers from the git go but getting my photos to the page and then resizing them??? Oh it was agony!

This was my style and yes, food was and still is a major part of my subject matter.  But bit by bit, I saw things I wanted to try. I was never big on embellishments but with a template, I could play with that look.

Most recently I have finally been able to jump in the artsy pool. It's as far from my natural style as can be but with some guidance from Anna Aspnes, and a blending class by Jana Morton,  I think I feel more comfortable with this kind of page now.  It's fun! So finally my more current pages.

Do you find that your scrapping style has changed, evolved over time? if so, in what direction have you moved? I'd love to hear about your evolution.

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