Monday, October 10, 2011

AAM Monday

Yep, Monday is All About Me. Well, really it is all about me, isn't it! Most of us, despite what we may say, are still the center of our own universe. 

But seriously, I've just caught up with a few of my 365 layouts. I haven't minded doing this at all this year and now have a big fat red D-ring binder just full of memories of the year so far. I think I will do this again next year but maybe, just maybe, I will print the book rather than print each week and put it into a binder. I'm not sure. I certainly do like the immediacy of seeing a chunk of layouts each quarter but those D-rings are darn fat! and a serious pita to store. (I think each home probably needs an Ikea Expedit just for scrappers!) Paying for a 52+ page at the end of the year seems daunting too but really I think it's probably cheaper.  I need to look into that....sigh.

Week 37 was subtle; I felt in a tan almost fall mode.

Then I decided to go seriously colorful with Week 38. Yes, just a wild and crazy woman.

Now it's time to move on, change the template and get into a fall mode of colors. That's what has kept me going through this project - periodic changes of templates. It is hard to balance the portrait and landscape of iPhone photos. Sometimes, it is just easier to make them all square. I'm not sure what's coming next, but you'll see.  Right here folks, the story evolves!

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