Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cracking My Heart

Another three days to myself as dh goes on a short business trip. The weather is looking very Fall-Like with a gray drizzly day but the temperature is not down as much as I'd like.  When it's rainy and still warmish, it tends to give me a headache. But that's such a slight problem in the scheme of life, it's not one to fret over.

I suspect most of us have our favorite blogs, the ones we turn to each morning, and when I read of a blogger hurting, a little piece of my heart cracks. That happened to me this morning and I too was sad for her. I know that my response is a good thing because that cracking heart is always cracking open a bit more. It doesn't always feel good, but it is a good thing for me and for most of us.

Here's a song for all those who find themselves in challenging times. I've loved this one since I first heard it back in the 60s. Thank you Pete!

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Anonymous said...

aw! I needed that today :) thanks for sharing Maureen :) melaniexxx

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