Monday, August 29, 2011

AAM Monday Taking Measure

There were  two stories in the Washington Post that really hit me the other day. Here's the result.

Two stories caught my eye in the paper today - both food related. One was the 1M grant to the local food bank to subsidize the purchase of fresh food & the other was an obit for a Polish refuge. Memories triggered. When I was about 10 or so I went to work with my mother at the Library of Congress. We had lunch in the dingy old cafeteria, & I noticed a man eating a bowl of fruit. He was hunched over with his face almost in the bowl & was furiously scooping the fruit into his mouth with his hands. My girlish manners were appalled & I said so to my mother. She looked at my carefully & said. He is a refugee from ‘the war’ & he used to be starving. Even though I really didn’t know what starving was like, I was ashamed & had some insight into a life I could not imagine. This was not like ‘eating my food because there were children starving in India or China” or whatever country she used that night. This was real. This was a grownup, a professional man, who had lived something I was still too innocent to comprehend.

Today I am not that innocent. Today I have seen hunger in countries around the world, & of course now today in my own USA. I have seen the food collection boxes in libraries, seen the surplus food in charity shops, & met the people who don’t know where today’s food is coming from. I’ve seen how they look, I can only imagine how they feel.

Today my bowl of peaches had a different look to them. The look of my abundance.

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