Monday, August 22, 2011

AAM Monday Recent Media

Lately I've been watching DVDs as fast as I could since I decided that my Netflix account was going to be just the streaming option. Since I can get so many new ones at Redbox, I figured that it's the old or odd ones that would be better served with the streaming option. So, before I lost my DVD option I watched...well all the Harry Potter flicks! Now I'm trying to decide if I can coerce my dh to go to the theater to see the final movie, or...just go by myself. I think I know the answer to that one!
Recently, I've watched

This one was really funny in a subtle way and also gave a good portrait of life in East Germany pre the fall of The Wall. I do recommend it.

The next to last one in my final trio was one I found via YouTube. Never heard of it till then but just fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I think you will too. It's a lot more than the bit of fluff you think it might be.

Then the final one I saw - and sniff's on its way back because yesterday was the end of my 'old' subscription... was one that surprised me and also left me in tears. (full disclosure - I was once an federal Senate Immigration caseworker and interacted directly with the old INS) I still have mixed feelings about this movie. I still feel the disturbance from this film and what our country has become.

So...goodbye half of Netflix. It's been fun.

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