Saturday, July 30, 2011

Popcorn Time

With my dh away fishing, it's been popcorn and movies for me round here. I am finishing up my summer marathon of the Harry Potter series. Last one seen was -

 A bit earlier in the week, I went 'to the movies' via Redbox and saw -

This one turned out to be a much better movie than I anticipated. I think trailers are designed to appeal to the bottom-feeders and I wonder if that really helps or hinders a movie's profits. Far be it from me to question the almighty $ seeking strategies of Hollywood however. Presumably they know what works for them.

Next, I thought I had the penultimate Harry Potter movie, #7 part 1, at the top of my Netflix queue.

Alas, I did not, tho I still think I did. In any case, there was one I had actually planned to delete from the queue that came up. Another surprise. "The Rag Nymph."

That photo has no bearing on the actual movie, but does give you an idea that 'love' in all its aspects is a feature. I have never read a Catherine Cookson book, and wondered why I had picked this movie at some point to add to my queue. Once I started watching it, I thought the young Millie had a strong resemblance  to an actress I had seen somewhere but I didn't remember who she was. As the movie is broken into the three parts of the original mini-series,  I left part 2 and 3 til the next day. Once I started to watch Part 2 I had my aha! moment. Honeysuckle Weeks, the beloved Sam in "Foyle's War". The young Millie was played by her sister Perdita Weeks and the two look quite a bit alike. I didn't make the connection when I saw that name.  In the end, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit even if it was dismaying to realize how human trafficking and child prostitution is nothing new.  

Finally tonight, I snagged this one as soon as I got the email from Redbox that it was available. As I had watched two movies in one 24hr period in July, I used my free bonus movie for this one. LOVED it! and it is one of the unusual movies to clock in under 2hrs. Exciting and fast fast moving.

Finally, after  my HP Deadly Hollow movie arrives, it will be time for me to actually go and spend the money in a movie theater. The Harry Potter summer series will be over, and I will be cancelling my Netflix most likely. But for the month of August, I'm going to do a lot more streaming and see if I want to continue just that. But the dvds? No, not with the availability of locations and films on Redbox.  I may even read more books when the weather turns colder and the fireplace is a part of my evenings. We'll see.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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