Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peace and Laughter

I had a wonderful weekend away at a retreat in Southern Maryland. Going down there took a good deal longer than it could have because we had torrential rains.  My dh had warned me that there could be an inch or two of rain PER hour in mid afternoon but I really didn't want to leave too early. As it was, I had a chance to stop in both A.C. Moore AND Michaels to use those wonderful 50% off coupons. I knew what I wanted so that didn't take much time but even so I got hit with the rain. Fortunately, the bit of storm I went through only lasted about 10 minutes but those were long minutes, let me tell you. I never liked driving in rain that heavy - who does? - but at least it wasn't at night. I have no idea what I would have done then.

When I got to the retreat center, it was hot and humid and raindrops started coming down again, but lightly. Fortunately, I did listen to my dh and took my raincoat so getting to the front door of the center from my car wasn't a problem. I did leave my pillow in the car til later! All evening long the rain came and went, and those of us already there had some good laughs when some poor woman arrived during a downpour and came in looking like the proverbial drowned rat! This was a spirtual retreat and most of the other women knew each other so the teasing and the laughs were taken in stride. If that's the worst thing we face that day, we all know how fortunate we are!

Potomac River Sunset

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Janet said...

A spiritual retreat sounds wonderful rain or not! Add in some quick 50% off shopping and it's perfect!

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