Monday, June 13, 2011

Scrappin' Fool

We have been on so many trips lately, I have a zillion photos to scrap. Thank goodness I have a spouse who doesn't always take very many on his own. In addition to our trips, he's had two other business ones of his own. The man needs to stay home. Here is one of the Oxford part of our recent UK trip. I expect to have that part of the trip done tomorrow and then there is just the London part to do. For some reason, I decided to do the 2nd half of the trip first! Probably because I had done more journaling in London and was afraid I'd forget the bits and pieces of Oxford. Who knows...

It's always fun to look at the photos again, and remember how good a trip was. However, right now it's good not to have another trip on the horizon for a while. I'm really enjoying my home time just as much.

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