Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Downs and Ups

Yesterday, I finally went to the dentist. The first time in 2 years! Terrible I know. I'm not afraid of the dentist, don't mind going but somehow our travel got in the way and well, you know how it is. Some things don't get the priority they should.  Most all was fine except a crown I thought might be loose was not. However, the crown next to it has decay underneath and I'm going back in Thurs to see if it can be dealt with or do I need a ...root canal. I'm praying for my teeth.

I was still pretty much ok with this but today, that tooth did not feel good. Never a bit of an obvious issue til today! It felt as if there were an infection in my jaw.  I was on antibiotics in less than an hour of my call to the dentist. That is a wonderful turn around time for the pharmacy at Target to fill a prescription and me taking the first pills.  So the down stuff worked out pretty darn good I'd say.

Now the ups. I've been taking Claudine Hellmuth's Collage Class at Big Picture Classes, and today finally got around to doing vignettes, the subject of lesson 3. I got behind with two lessons but was ok since the lessons are up on line - forEVAH.  Well as long as BPC is in existence which is a good enough guarantee for me.

Here's what I did. Yes, my funny bone was itchy today! I like humor in art and if I call it art, it's art. Right?? This one is "Venus on the Cabbage Leaf", an icon with a smile.

Now we have "Jack in the Beanstalk's Wife Maude" . The collage was going to be about Jack, but somehow Maude seemed to have her own thoughts on that.  I told Maude to get a realtor but she's still hoping in Jack's vines.

Are you having fun today? I hope so!

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