Monday, May 23, 2011

Scrapping Weekend

I love when Designer Digitals have their quarterly sales and chats. The sales are 30% off and the chat day is a long long great one.

The sale is still on through Tuesday but the chat day was Saturday. I love it when I have the house to myself and can sit (or stand) and chat and play all day. This year I decided to try and go down to the kitchen and stand at my Macbook. I did the funny leg exercises my former boss did while standing to talk on the phone. Alternate bringing each foot back to your butt while you stand. The chat started at 8am and the last one started at 11pm. I almost never make the 11pm one and didn't even try this year! Why would you do all these chats? Well, each hour there is a Designer Digital freebie in addition to lots of advice and lots of chatter.

After a good bunch of these chats I have learned not to try and scrap AND chat tho I could do it more easily than my earlier chats. Then I was just trying to get a handle on PSE (really I was pretty clueless) and would get frustrated to tears. I knew I had a learning curve to get over but like so many negative things, I wondered if it would ever end. It did.

Saturday I had loads of fun, got most of the day's free products, and went to be tired and happy. Here's what I made. This first one was for a 30minute challenge. Phew! In 'the old days' I should have known better to try and attempt a 30minute one. But what did I know then!! (I'm talking about 2+ years ago...)

This one only required that you use the black tag.

This one had you use a text freebie and I used that "This much I know is true" wordart, which I also used later on the image you see on top.

So that was my Saturday along with some batches of weeding! Hello Monday.Remember, that 30% sale is still on until Tuesday midnight! [ETA - Actually the sale continues until Wednesday May 25th at 3am EST (Midnight California time on Tuesday)]Over 9,000 products on sale! Designer Digital Products .

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