Saturday, May 21, 2011

Popcorn Time

Actually, there was no popcorn on the flight back from London, but BA did have some good flicks.  I had neglected to bring my own headsets for my Macbook but got a cheap set with a magazine at Heathrow. However when I saw the lineup of video/audio and the ease of switching channels, I stuck to the entertainment BA provided.

I first watched

This was perfect after the time in London and was funny along with being a good view of the identity struggles of so many Pakistani immigrant families. It's the kind of thing many of our own grandparents dealt with. Such a love-hate relationship with the country they left and the one that gave them shelter.

Later in the flight I decided to watch some eye-candy. Jason Stratham.

Really brutal but no nightmare worries as I was watching this in the late afternoon as I switched through time zones. Ben Foster was really chilling too, the kind of character you'd avoid making eye contact with on a bus or tube.

Since coming home, I've caught up with two Netflix dvds that sat for a while. Doesn't it always seem that as you're going away, you get that 'good' situation where the one you want isn't available so you end up getting your next-on-list AND the first choice when it comes in?  I finished up the British series

which I grew to like a lot for some great lines, tho watching the whole series straight through was a bit too much.We were actually in the bookshop that serves as the series model when in London, but didn't make the connection then. The other movie waiting for me was one by Majid Majidi. Fascinating Iranian film. Baran, the title and the name of the Afghan girl who poses as a boy to help support her family. The word also means rain. 

It was fascinating to me to see the images of southern Tehran, an area I was never able to visit in my short time there. Looking north towards the Alburz mountains was a view I had from my apartment but I left before the winter snows came. btw, the film was made in 2001 so it's hard to imagine life today for those Afghani in Iran. Another case of being torn between two countries.

Today? well no movies for me. Today is an all day chat at Designer Digitals  with many prizes to be given and a lot of fun to be had. If you're a digital scrapper, head on over and join in!

Is tonight a movie night for you?? I'd love to hear about your choices.

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