Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Digital Life, the Ups and the Downs

Sometimes coming home from a trip means getting caught up with some of the activities that a digital life entail.  Adding new purchased products to their proper categories in various folders, making sure that there are cds burned of such items, checking the ehds to continue the ongoing process of organizing. Etc, etc. It's really no different than regular paper items in a home or office except that once in a while there is the kind of message that strikes terror in one's heart.  Well in my heart... "Back up and reformat asap."

I have one portable ehd that has been troublesome from the git go. It will be properly ejected but somehow it doesn't seem to know that all the time.  It isn't what I need to be doing right now or should I say it's not what I WANT to be doing right now but that's beside the point. What I want to do is dive into my ACDSee class that started two weeks ago. I won a copy of the program on line almost two years ago but waited for the Mac version!! The timing was perfect because this class was starting just after I downloaded the software. I had already installed the program when I downloaded it but didn't give it much attention because I knew I had the class coming up. Now I'm two weeks behind because of our England trip so I so want to catch up before the video chat tonight.

But instead I am copying files to a newer and more stable ehd and waiting - and waiting. In between there is a lot of laundry being done, and I am slowly but surely getting a feel for the ACDSee which is not much different in process from the steps of iPhoto. I'm only doing my digital supplies not my photos which reside in 3 different iPhoto libraries, stored on ehds and backed up.

As my husband and I often remind each other, these are truly upscale, first world problems. This sluggish process on this chilly, rainy day does remind me of how fortunate I am if this is the worst thing in life I have to deal with today. It's all in the perspective, isn't it.

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