Thursday, May 19, 2011

365 Week 17 and 18

These are the weeks before we went to England, so I decided to stretch the US part into 2 pages. Now England can be on its own. I've decided that I am just going to put the UK layouts right into the same book or album. Simplify, simplify, simplify. That way I don't have that 20 page Shutterfly requirement hanging over my head. All in all my 365 is really becoming more like Project Life which is nice since that's evolution.

Of course, all this week was leading up to the Friday and the Royal Wedding. I know that wasn't the case for many people, including my dh who couldn't care less, but I lived in the UK for seven years and visited many times after that. Fortunately for me, my dh was away that day and for the rest of the weekend.  The 'telly' was on for a lot of that time!

More shots of the television, and not all that bad considering they were done with my iPhone. Then it was pack the clothes and get ready to GO to England on Sunday. btw, we had our trip planned before the wedding was announced and were grateful to be going later rather than during.

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