Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Day, Sleepy Day, Sick Days

I am still dog sitting in Virginia, but it hasn't been the greatest of days.

The dog is fine but I'm not. The day my family left, I came down with a wicked sore throat and many aches and pains. I sure didn't feel like exploring the wondrous shops and stores that always seem so tempting when I am on the other side of the Potomac. Couch and bed sounded perfect.

I did manage to go to one of the Asian markets and get myself some food but that was about it. Of course once I had food, I no longer had the energy to cook it. Fortunately, I had brought some leftovers from home with me. I certainly haven't starved, and I rarely even lose any weight when I get sick.

I have managed to read two books so far - Bangkok Days, Lawrence Osborne. Pretty much a sleaze read but nice to have a walk down the sois of a city I used to live in. Live in. Not barhop in. I started Deborah Tannen's You're wearing THAT? but stopped because I found it depressing to think how many meta messages we send and receive without knowing it. I usually enjoy Tannen's books but I think this one will have to be for later.  I guess I've only read one book. I also started and decided to pass on Schrödinger's Ball by Adam Felber. With a fever, I thought I didn't need any hallucinatory reading. My mind isn't all there as it is right now. Finally, I started and think I'll enjoy Thomas Kennedy's Falling Sideways.  The chapters are short which helps when I'm never sure how much mental energy I'll have.

Back from a run to the Giant grocery i.e Redbox because being sick always means movies for me. I brought the old 17" MacBookPro which is still great for Netflix and Redbox. I've seen "Hereafter" and "Then She Found Me". Liked them both but preferred the latter even tho I felt like Helen Hunt was deep into anorexia. Colin Firth...ah yes. Next up is 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" Ah I miss those books...a LOT. Bring on the popcorn! Maybe "The Fighter" tonight or maybe not. The dog doesn't care, he just sleeps!

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