Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday 11 04 15

This is my husband's mother Edythe, possibly in Georgtown, Washington DC.  I would guess she was in her late teens, probably after leaving the orphanage but living with ??? Or is this a bit later, after meeting? marrying? her husband George. Edythe was a true orphan but after that flu epidemic that took one or both parents, children often had no other place but the orphanages. While Edythe was of German extraction, George her future husband was of Irish descent. I wonder if she actually went to the German Orphanage and Asylum which was in Anacostia. It is my husband's recollection that one of his father's sisters went to an orphanage after their father died of that flu. George had been at Notre Dame in the seminary but was called home to work and help support the family.

But look at Edythe! Such a fancy dress, lace stockings and oh those glamorous shoes! The house is so very basic, but there is plumbing from the appearance of the two pipes. At the early part of the 20th century this was not a given. Interesting to me is the fact that the mother of my first husband lived in the same area. As "Mama" always said,"Once we left Georgetown it became fancy!" Leaving Washington DC, they became part of the migration to the new suburbs in the early 1950s.   My husband's parents, however,  continued to live in various parts of Washington DC until they moved to Florida in their later years.

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