Monday, April 4, 2011

AAM Monday

Not a lot to say today as I'm working diligently on clearing out paper, shifting the house about which involves clearing out stuff! the kind of project I do when dh is out of the house for extended periods. Friends ask if I wouldn't rather be in Miami too these few days, and yeah it would be fun to eat Cuban food and get some jolts from the coffee but... Ask any woman how precious a few days totally alone with no obligations to anyone, no one's time schedule to merge into one's life etc etc and she'll just get that "Oh yeah...."faraway look. I have heard a few men admit to this also but I suspect some of their motives are a little different. Just sayin'.

But today I came across this gem. Funny. That's where most of mine live too!

"I’d say that 90% of my mentors and peers don’t live in Austin, Texas. They live on the internet." 


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