Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Salaam to Bahrain

The events in Bahrain are being overshadowed by the horrific events in Japan which is totally understandable. However I have only spent a couple of hours at Narita many years ago but I spent two years in Bahrain. I have friends and family who have friends and workmates who live their. My heart cannot really fathom the destruction and loss even with photos and videos from Japan. It's too much like so many disaster movies that we click off and forget. My head knows it's real but my heart is filled with other places in the world.

Mmy heart has strong memories of the road from the western shore of Bahrain leading across the island into Manama. The road the Saudis took into the island yesterday. I recognize places I've been, think of my house between two mosques, the roads across the desert where we visited. I don't want to think of invasions taking place there. I don't want to think of my children's school friends, many named Al Khalifa, in danger. Many of them are now married with homes and businesses and families.  This is the world upheaval that hits home with me. I wish them all peace and security and wish that damn causeway had never been built.

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