Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OLW Bloghop - March Edition

Here we start the third month of our One Little Word class/project/adventure with Ali Edwards. My word is LEARN and it's still nudging about in my life. Kind of like a cat who you know is in the house but only comes out on occasion, and really isn't ready to jump up on you lap and nestle in. I know there are so many ways to learn, so many ways I can learn. I've tried my best to see what life brings as lessons, but so often when I'm in the midst of a lesson, I can't always see the point. It often takes getting through the lesson, the experience for me to get that aha! moment. I try to stay open to not killing the messenger as they say, but paying attention to the message. May or June may be the time it takes me to see the learning experience in January or February!

This month Ali asked us to come up with images, both literal and figurative about what our word means to us. Literal was easy. Figurative is much harder for my literal mind to grasp. This is what I had - On the top line the photos are
  1. me learning how to spatchcock a turkey. Cooking is one my lifelong loves, and I always like to find a new way to cook something or a new recipe. These days I like to make it simpler and healthier. 
  2. The bridge over the Patuxent River down near Solomons. I love the calm of the water and the idea of anything being a bridge to a new place - in my head, in my heart, or just on land.
  3. The third is my initial, my name, who I am. Who I am learning to be as a butterfly learns to be more than a chrysalis.
  4. 2nd row, the daily newspapers. One of the ways I learn about the world, but too often it's only learning about the negative part of life. There IS so much more and it's not likely I'll get in in those newspapers.
  5. Joko Beck, Zen teacher, and one of my life guides in learning that we can't avoid, we can learn to live with...
  6. The afternoon sun on a bookcase. Learning to see the light.
  7. Bottom row - that butterfly again and words. Learning about the power of words, my words, my silences
  8. My husband, a man with a heart burning with love
  9. Me, both sides of me, taking time to think, to be quiet and listen for the lesson.

So there you have me and where I've been during February. I said Bloghop, didn't I. Here are the others in the class who have chosen to be a part of the blog hop. The first person, Margie, is the woman who set this all up and did all the work involved. Kudos to you Margie and thanks for your willingness and dedication to this.

All posts in the bloghop are scheduled to be posted at 08:00 PST March 1st. Take time to go through this list and read and see what other people did, learned, felt during the 2nd month of One Little Word. Lives change, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes reluctantly but if there's life, there's change.

The next person after me on the March BlogHop is Kristi over at  http://theprojectofme.wordpress.com She's #25, so head on over when you can.                              

1.    Margie                          http://xnomads.typepad.com
2.    Monica Bradford              http://scraplifters.blogspot.com/
3.    Jill C                      http://jillconyers.typepad.com/
4.    Miranda                 http://mirandasscrapsite.blogspot.com
5.    Donna                          http://www.donnabryantdurand.blogspot.com
6.    Lynn                                         http://crafty-creativity.blogspot.com         
7.    Stacey                        http://www.TheAcornGarden.com/blog
8.    Lisa                                    http://backtoallen.com/writers_blog
9.    Cassie                        http://craftycassiescorner.blogspot.com
10. Abbey                                    http://athomewiththerichardsfamily.blogspot.com/
11. Nicky                                    http://seejanebake.blogspot.com
12. Holly                                    http://lovingrobots.blogspot.com
13. Karen T                                  http://breathenowsmile.blogspot.com
14. Claudia                        http://creative-moms.com
15. Rebekah                        http://istampscrapcraft.blogspot.com
16. Kimberly                        http://foreverdaisies.blogspot.com
17. Kat                                    www.katswonderings.blogspot.com
18. Kristina                        http://ciqis.blogspot.com
19. Jan                                    http://mysimplelittlelife.typepad.com
20. Nikki                                     http://www.inkyart.com.au/
21. Amanda                        www.scrappnbee.blogspot.com
22. Lisa                                    http://luluoz.typepad.com
23. Sam                                    http://learncreatedo.wordpress.com
24. Maureen                       You're here! This is me.     http://cookingmylife.blogspot.com
25. Kristi                                      http://theprojectofme.wordpress.com
26. Tere                                    http://terecontodomicorazon.blogspot.com
27. Karen                                    http://womenontractors.blogspot.com
28. Katrina                          http://k84mansramblings.blogspot.com
29. Monica Bergler            http://questtoperfectimperfection.blogspot.com
30. Mandy                        http://captureandcreate.wordpress.com
31. Lisa                                    http://makeyourownescape.blogspot.com
32. Chrissy                        http://getcraftywithchrissy.blogspot.com
33. Lee                                     http://thelinarstudio.typepad.com/embracelife

34. Jen                                    www.byjen.com
35. Sylvia                                    http://baxtersmom1.blogspot.com/
36. Christianne                        http://christiannemarra.blogspot.com/
37. Cheri                                    http://cheriandrews.blogspot.com
38.  Joy                                    www.undiscoveredjoy.blogspot.com
39.  Beth                                    http://justbebeth.wordpress.com/
40.  Jennifer L                        www.studiojenn.blogspot.com
41.  Kathryn                        www.katlodesigns.com
42.  Heather                        www.scrappyhare.blogspot.com
43.  Cindy                                    http://seriousplay.typepad.com
44.  Cynthiau                        http://paperpapereverywhere.blogspot.com/

Now if this has whetted your appetite to try this out yourself, it isn't too late to sign up for this class. Go over to One Little Word at Big Picture Classes and join us. We'd love to have you!


Rebekah said...

Love your collection of photos! Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of pics. Looks like a very productive February - literally and figuratively. Enjoy March!

sm3wkl said...

You did a wonderful job representing your word.

ScrappnBee said...

Annapolis! Married my DH there at the USNA Chapel! Love your word-Learn. Thanks for sharing your whole 9 patch! Love the way that it turned out!-Amanda (#21)

Cheri said...

your photo collection is lovely - I do believe in life-long learning and if you stop to think about it, usually you learn something new every day.

Karen (Mrs. Green Jeans) said...

I enjoyed your blog. I too love to cook and have a food blog as well as Women On Tractors. Loved you 9 photos too.

Donna said...

What a fantastic collection of photos. Enjoy learning in March!!

Heather said...

Beautiful and evocative photos. Thanks for sharing! :)

Cassie_lu said...

what great pictures you have for your word

Anonymous said...

This is a great collection of photos. They capture your word beautifully.

Karen said...

Love the first photo in the bottom row! Great job on the months task.

mandyb said...

love those photos..you have captured your word so well...

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos for your word. I like all the thought that went into your word this month. Thanks so much for participating. I get so much inspiration.

Honoré said...

Great photo and word representation of your OLW!lots of depth and food for thought. Thx.

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