Friday, March 4, 2011

I am where I am

A very short time ago, my dh saw $39. fares to and from Boston. He suggested I go on up for a few days and so I did. Now it certainly wasn't warm in Maryland but temperatures in the teens or 20s are usually reserved for night times. They don't really count cause I'm sleeping. Somehow I had missed the brutal winter MA has had. A man at the airport told me, as we waited over an hour for our Jet Blue flight, that it had snowed a foot, then it snowed another foot etc etc and unlike most winters the snow never melted between storms.  He said there would still be piles of un-melted  snow and to watch out for icy streets. He was right. Thus far I have managed to stay upright, walked a lot in the cold and wind and had a great time.

Have a look.

It was going on sunset by the time we arrived.

The new-to-me shuttle to the T and the T into Boston worked like a charm. I love public transportation and I love my Charlie Card.

Cold nights just cry out for hot pasta, and this $4.95 special was just a block or two away from  my hotel.

No, not gelato, but really good Butter Cashew ice cream. The small serving was a lot of ice cream!

The T station at Harvard Square. Mid day so not very crowded.

Annapolis needs a Wagamama. I love the noodle bowls and Oodles of Noodles just doesn't cut it.

Books, books, books.

This lot doesn't mind that the ground is still covered with a layer of snow.

It's this kind of thing that is treacherous at night when it's less visible than in the daytime.

I've seen this Falafel shop most every trip I've made to Boston, and today I stopped in.

Well, that's a short look from my three days. Tomorrow I fly home, but hope to get to the Haymarket food market in the morning and over to the North End for at least one of these. Sfogliatelle. You try saying it. I can't but I can sure eat them!

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