Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday was one of the Quarterly Chat Days at Designer Digitals . The chats started at 8am and were hourly up to and including 11pm! This was the first chat that I made it through to the end and that's a lot of eyeball to screen time!

Each chat has a challenge, and a freebie to use. The most difficult one is always Cassie Jones' chat which is a 30MM (30 Minute Masterpiece). You can just feel your heart rate go up!! Cassie has marvelous tutorials which really take you step by step through the digital process. However, for this challenge she stuck to the Valentine's Day theme and her love wasn't as tough as usual! The rules were easier I think! Oh yes, the winner of each challenge wins an 8" Shutterfly Book. How 'bout that!

I managed to get three challenges done, and fortunately many have deadlines for today. That's good because a beginner can be overwhelmed trying to watch the chat screen and scrap. What am I's still pretty impossible for me! I guess I am still in digital grade school which is fine.

Here are the ones I got done yesterday, and the first is that 30MM. ok, so maybe it's not a Masterpiece but it did get done in 30minutes!

Next one was for an iTunes challenge where the cover art had a split torn image. I used photos of me and my son, both at around 10 years of age.

The last one I managed was for Cathy Zielske's Type Challenge. Use just one font on a page. Word art allowed.

I know I won't get all the challenges done today, or even at all, but it really was a lot of fun, I have about $50 worth of free digital supplies, and lots of great advice and info from the chat leaders and fellow chatters.It was a really good day!

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