Monday, February 28, 2011

My Achey, not Breaky Arm

I'm really getting tired of this. My left shoulder was described by the doctor as a frozen shoulder in January. I had noticed the sudden (?) lack of range of motion on morning in early January. I say sudden because one day, my left arm didn't cooperate in fastening my bra. Yowza!! it hurt when I pulled that arm up mid back, the same motion I had made for most of my adult life. Right arm and hand up there mid back waiting for its partner left arm. Left arm not willing to participate and answering back with a stab of pain.

Ok, like most occasions, I waited a few days, tested it out again, OUCH!, and made adjustments. Bras can be twisted, fastened in front and re-twisted. A bit of a nuisance but something I could live with. However I realized I did need my left arm to be part of the team a little more, and went to the doctor. "Frozen shoulder" she said, which I had never known as a medical diagnosis, I mean no Latin phrase?

I started my bi-weekly trips to the Physical Therapist. It's a wonderful practice, all the staff are great and they did say it wasn't a rotator cuff issue. That was a big relief. With a variety of exercises and stretching, my arm made great progress in a lot of the angles an arm can move in. But behind my back, and the one where you reach up and back to get the seat belt from its fastener up by your left shoulder you drive..uh, uh.  It still hurt or was pretty much undo able.

Oh, and did I mention sleeping? I was and still am, waking up about every two hours, needing to shift, twist, turn and get myself into a new position and hopefully fall back asleep. If himself is snoring hard, I drag myself downstairs, and pull out the sofa bed. Seriously, I can now do this without totally waking up! WooEE. Yeah, right. I've tried a night or so with Ambien. I still wake up even tho one pill lets me sleep through a noisy trans-Atlantic flight.

Wednesday, I have a re-evaluation with the PT Dr. How would I describe how my arm feels a lot of the time?  achey (continuous dull pain is the definition - that dull is so accurate), burning and now I often have a stiff neck too. I've never been a napper but I could go to sleep easily most afternoons. I'd like to spend the whole night in my own bed and be the sound sleeper I once was.

In the scheme of life and issues, it's not a serious big deal, but just one that's wearing me down. I'm tired, and I'm tired of it. I would like to fasten my bra behind my back but mostly I just want my arm to stop hurting.


Anonymous said...

Frozen shoulder STINKS!! I spent almost 2 years trying to deal with it. I ended up with my chiropractor and she used a process called trigenics. Very effective. Better than all of the PT or sport PT work. Turns out it is an imbalance of cortisol in my system. I'm currently at a naturopath. Frozen shoulder really is debilitating. Good luck getting it all fixed up!

Ami said...

Maureen, I had the same pain, only in my right shoulder. Finally after PT and a cortizone shot and no relief for weeks, I went to our chiropractor. He said, "pinched nerve" and after two adjustments the pain is gone. Hope this helps a bit. Thanks for the reply on my blog about veggie food. Ami

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