Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday 11 02 18

Not flashing back too far, just to November 2008. It was our first visit to Orvieto Italy. Just a one day visit on 'our' first visit to that country. We took a tour that included 3 days each in Venice, Florence and Rome, with side trips to a few other cities. It was a great overview for himself and a wonderful reminder to me. This was my first acquaintance with a wild boar, and I knew I never wanted to meet one of these creatures in the flesh.

November 2010 we spent a week in Orvieto, after having one more taste of the city in spring 2010. This time I did meet the wild boar again, both her on the street, but even better in cinghale on a plate. A perfect late autumn dish and the best way to come in contact with that wild boar.

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