Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Week Draws Down

It didn't seem to be much of a productive week, not that it really has to be when one is retired, but I think it was just because neither of us felt very good.  We have not had The Flu in quite a few years but whatever it is that comes around the greater DC area appears to be a yearly occurrence. It is mostly a respitory ailment which seems like sinus trouble but not quite. Lots of people I know have had it develop into pneumonia. It is also one of those bugs that seems to keep you just plain worn down and out for weeks.  The evolution of disease I guess.

But looking at the photos I took last week reminds me that a lot more than snot and aches occured. That is one great thing about making myself notice. Notice not just the omnipresent boxes of tissues, but notice the way the house looks so clean after the cleaning elves come. Knowing that they are coming every two weeks makes me deal with the odd messes I've left about. The gray overcast days never depress me as they make me think of good days when I lived in England but when the sun comes out again after a period of grayness it's WOW. I love the afternoon light on the front of the house and in the living room. I have to remind myself to turn on the fire and sit there at about 3:30 or so. Lay on the couch and be still.

I'm still headachey and short of breath but here are a few of the good moments of the week... Hope your weekend is wonderful. It will be if you notice the good.

the pile of crumbs that attracts some sweet fat little birds

the Costco Christmas wreath still going strong and redecorated for Valentine's Day

the comfy couch and mohair throw, perfect for watching a movie or just thinking

the start to two meatloaves - food insurance in the freezer

a solo dinner and a good one

I forgot to mention...did you see that MOON this week? Holy frijoles, it was spectacular!

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