Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 Week 1

I am jumping into the deep end of the digital pool in attempting to do the Project 365 this year. I wonder how it bodes for me since I typed 356 first on the title, and 355 just above first. Maybe I had better go back to my number skills, ya think?

For those who have been living under rocks recently, Project 365, POTD (Photo of the Day), P52 and any other variation basically means you take at least 1 photo a day and share. If you do something with it, that's gravy.

Since I take most of my photos with my iPhone these days, the photos are ok or even good but that's not the main point for me. Doing something with the photo and recording day to day life is where it's at in my mind. I like to look back on life and say "Oh yeah...remember when we...". A photo jogs the memory but sometimes a few words help too.

Last week was a week when I didn't feel so great and had lingering sinus and cough issues.  But life still happened. Not a lot some days but no matter what the sun rises and meals are eaten and life goes on. Few of us have lives as dull as some of us imagine. It's the noticing that matters. Stopping to observe for a second or two and feel our existence. Every moment is observable and it becomes a lot of fun, and very good for the soul to do so.  So one week is done, and I enjoyed it. I hope to see you here most Sundays of the year with a page made from the prior week. Send me encouragement when I flag!  Are you doing anything like this in 2011? Just like your day, you can start or restart it any time. Play if you can!

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Christy said...

Awesome start Maureen! I love the format you are using for your pages! :)

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