Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On My Cooking Agenda

Once I too finish more of the half jars cluttering the new fridge, this is on my agenda.

Sadly, many of the jars are nice jams that call out to be used in baking. One thing neither of us does is have jam or jelly on toast. He's a butter man and I'm a butter or peanut butter person. Butter if the toast is part of a bacon and egg type breakfast and peanut butter if it's an apple and toast breakfast. If I eat oatmeal for about 5 days this week, I can finish up the smaller jar of sour cherry preserves.

I'm thinking that in the future, not matter how tempting, a jar of jam or relish or whatever kind of non-standard food item that is over 4 or so ounces cannot come home with me. That will be a hard thought to put into action since bringing home food items is our favorite kind of souvenir on travel. Sigh.

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