Monday, January 31, 2011

I went to Canada

I went to Canada last year but never got to record that trip or scrap it. The trip was cut short with the death of our granddaughter Bekah. She had been suffering, and suffering it truly was, from aplastic anemia. In that strange to feel way, her death was a blessing. A hard loss nonetheless and one that has left us just coming out of that dark place I think.

But there were happy and fun memories of the trip. I am taking Ali Edwards' Yesterday and Today class and it has been good to have the reminder that one can have pages with a lot of journaling and pages with none, and any combo of the two. The photos and the journaling don't have to be combined or they can name it.

Here is the first page of the Canada 2010 saga. I like being able to be led outside my normal box like this.

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