Monday, January 10, 2011

The Fruits of His Labor

Saturday we spent a lot of time in Ikea but then when doesn't a trip to Ikea take a long time?? Good time I think but it's a rare time that I don't walk out feeling really tired.

After the long time IN the store, we came home with two items to be assembled. But no, no not Saturday night. We have enough sense to not start a project when tired. (Just guess how we now know that...)

Sunday, I came downstairs and saw someone had put out a drill and hammer. Uh oh. He was ready to start! I still wasn't ready but praise be...he didn't need my help at first. ( I kind of hoped he wouldn't want my help at all and that's kind of selfish but that's how I felt. ) So I went back upstairs to do something or other and happily heard banging and hammering downstairs.  After the main part of the work was done, he did get to assemble the drawers on the current table. We got to talk while he put the bits together and it was fun.

A new table for the kitchen was assembled and will serve as an additional table when we have company. It's a modern pine drop leaf table. We had just the spot for it and he didn't have any assembly issues. Next came the Helmer metal cabinet. I worried that he'd ask for help now....

No he didn't, but he did bring it up to my studio to assemble since that's where it was to go. It was fun to watch, even tho my desk space kept getting smaller and smaller as he worked. Then it was finally finished and I had to move stuff around to fit it in and was ready and willing to get started. It's a big goal to get more things out so I can get a couch/bed in here. But now I have the little red cabinet that I have wanted for so long. It wasn't expensive - $39. - but it was the assembly bit and when he was willing I was so so grateful. I now have a dedicated space to place my printer giving me the needed real estate on my desk top. See that binder? It's my "Yesterday and Today" binder and now I have space for it while I'm on the computer. Yeah!! Thank you so much!

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