Friday, January 28, 2011

Charcutepalooza and Me

As Gilda Ratner used to say.."it's always something...".  Ah my great intentions. First I thought I'd have to delay making my bacon until we got back from Seattle and Vancouver. Then we both got sick and didn't go to Seattle or Vancouver.

Then I wondered if I could get the Ruhlman book," Charcuterie. " That DID work out and I have a library copy.

Ok, I started looking for pork bellies. No success but I figured that the Asian market about 25 miles away would have some. Sadly, it snowed big time. Then each day after the snow that I considered going up I was kind of out of it - from antibiotics? Whatever it was, I knew I was 'not fit to handle machinery' much less a vehicle. No pork belly.

Today I finally felt better enough and went to the gym first. Aaaargh. Snow flurries, and a self-induced snafu with a Redbox pickup. No more trips out today for this whacko. I know when I'm on a downward roll.

Tomorrow? God willing, the creek don't rise, and the snow don't snow, I will test out my last hope. Well, the penultimate one.  Pork belly...I'm coming!

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