Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blowin' My Fuse

Fortunately it wasn't mine per se, but the dryer's. It's one of those operations that when it happens, we both tend to forget half the process. The other part is that I cannot move the stacked machines on my own, and dh has a bit more strength than is needed so I have to be the one to steady the dryer so it doesn't fall off the washer. There are also two fuses to check, one on the back where that red wiring hangs down, and one on the back or side, depending on whether he's describing it or I am. Typical.

Of course it wasn't the fuse on the back in the somewhat easy location. It was on the side/back and dh told me one fuse location there was no good but he didn't remember which! This time I marked the 'bad' fuse location, as well as the 'good' one, and will write out the how-to and tape it to the side of the dryer where we keep the spare fuses. 2nd fuse was the one and now the dryer is functional again, and together we got it back into place. The other fortunate thing is I do pay attention to Flylady and keep the laundry up to date. Only some sheets had to go outside in the cold, and I'll deal with them tomorrow.  Like Gilda Ratner used to say...."It's always somethin'..."

So how was your day today??? Any appliances feeling the need to have a bit of a rest like ours did?

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