Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The word was Begin. I wasn't all that sure what I was beginning but the word called to me.  And thus it was writ.

Late in December I felt I really wanted to get fit, and I can't say again. Being thin so much of my life has been the blessing that has turned into the curse. I can no longer eat all I want and think exercise is for other people who are NOT like me.  But I knew I wanted to be stronger and leaner. A good bit was vanity and an even bigger bit was the knowledge that I was now skating on thin ice. The time had come. I  was no longer 25, 45 or even 65. It was time.

Early in January when we came home from Europe, I found that a new gym had opened in our town, and being subsidized by my tax dollars, it was quite affordable and quite convenient. It was not populated by those intent on mating but rather had a goodly number of seniors just like me. Well, not all were like me, some worked the treadmill and elliptical till sweat drops flew off them.  grrr…I still hate to sweat. Period. But I was able to begin.

Despite blizzards, pulled muscles and many many trips both near and far, I continued on. I signed up for some classes in the late fall and enjoyed them quite a bit though I would like to mange to do more regular exercise as well as the balance and yoga. It just means getting up and out early.

Health and fitness have been the core of my year of Begin(ning). I didn't know I would be able to do that but I did.

Today, December 1, 2010, I am only starting to consider what the 2011 word will be …I almost wrote should! Aaack! My first gut instinct is Discover. Sometimes it's good to stick with that. We'll see.

Find out about Reverb10.

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