Friday, December 31, 2010

December Daily Done!

Well, I still have two journal bits to write tomorrow when I meet with my Artist Way peeps. But otherwise, a good project it was. I had a lot of fun, and learn how to make it easier each year.

Finishing up with Dec 23 we have a shot of family and the backside of an overlay I made and really liked.

I put a piece of white cardstock behind it to show you Susan Branch's illustration that I made into a brush. It was appropriate because we ate in the kitchen since their dining room has been eliminated. Cozier that way and a good sized kitchen like ours. On the right is Dec 24, our dinner out with one of our daughters.

On the left you see the beautiful invitation to the Christmas brunch we try to make each year at our friends in Baltimore. This year was special and yes, the right side is blurry.

Ok, hope the right side is legible when expanded now. The next page is the Christmas card they sent which sums it all up. Happy Everything. And that is it.

She's a fat little book this year, and if I didn't like the cover so much I might switch it to just rings. I was quite aware of the size as I got to the last 5 or 6 days, and while my enthusiasm might have been waning at the end, I also wanted to get all the pages in.  Live and learn but mostly ENJOY!

CYA next year!


Paper Relics said...

looks great! I had so much fun doing Dec Daily this year (my first)!


Hi There!

Thanks for your comment to my picture at the OLW class.
Oh goodness..I'm a few weeks behind on my Dec. Daily's--but I was so exciting to get started with the OLW classes, I already moved it to the back burner.

Best wish for a new year.

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