Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily December 8 UhOh

Getting ready to finalize page 8 and what do I see? I made page 8 with a 9 on it.

Fortunately, I found that glue stick is not as permanent as one would normally like, so back to the printer and make an 8. I found that two of these numbers fit quite well on a 4x6 photo page so I made a 15 also by merging the 1 and 5 a bit and got that on with the 8. It might be a bit more fiddling in the cutting but I'll do my best. I am not the greatest with scissors but it's safer than the exacto for me!

I decided to watch a movie instead of finishing this last night. "Miss Potter". Ah such a sweet one and I remember the Lake District as it is now, or was in the 70s. She did a marvelous job in saving so much of the natural beauty. Well done Beatrix! Now I must mush on and get that 8 page finished. Sometime. Today.

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