Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Daily December 7

Today was another quiet day at home. Nothing much happening, nothing getting cooked and no tree decorating yet. Somehow the catchup from trips seems to take so long especially when there is a change of season when we get back. I did have a nice email midday.

The paper on the left was printed from a digital element. When I find that I will post a link if possible.. DHD Merry and Bright which I recolored.

My son will be home for two+ weeks, and this was a good time to use that technique of hidden journaling with his email under the flap. I am so grateful for the teachers on line who share such great idea with us.

Now I have to go out to a meeting in the cold, cold night. I've avoided going out all day but now must bite the bullet. Brrrrr.


Kim said...

Love it. The love sticker is adorable too!

Carole said...

Hi Maureen, thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for leaving me a comment, it was much appreciated.

Wow! Your journal is beautiful, very professional looking and will make such a lovely keepsake! I look forward to visiting regularly to keep up to date with your crafting.

Carole x

Teresa said...

Love the left page is that paper or transparency? Great job on your album!

Maureen said...

Teresa, that is actually a page I printed as paper from a digital element. I've also done it as a transparency. When I find what it was, I'll post a link if possible.

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