Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily December 4

Saturday. What Saturday doesn't somehow get filled with chores. I decided to go to the Amish market to get some meat to cook things for him to take on his biking trip. That allows him to eat in and not have to take the time to go out after a long bike ride. So after choosing the stuff, buying the stuff, putting the stuff in the car, unloading the car, I cooked a bunch of the stuff. Made him a meatloaf and got a start on a posole for later.  
Even though he put up the tree for me, not much got done on  decorating since there is still a good bunch of clean up and out from Sebastian.  Sniff. After a hearty pork chop dinner, I watched what I had hoped would be a good movie. Alec Guiness in "Edwin", a rather stuffy, dated piece that seemed taken from a screen play. Sorry Alec, even tho I know England quite well, I found this one a bit yawn inducing.

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