Friday, December 24, 2010

December Daily December 23

A busy day but good busy. Visiting family in VA, and doing the round the beltway routine. We heard that the government employees were leaving 2 hrs early, and so we waffled about leaving even earlier than our 2pm but decided to stick to it. Traffic reports said it was fairly good - as long as you weren't trying to head down 95South. Oh we know that business! But on the southern loop of the beltway, the traffic was unusually heavy for this normally quiet section, but not bad. With clear, sunny weather, and our GPS we did fine. It could have been a LOT worse.

We brought our laptops in case we had a good wait for the adults to return home from work, but were greeted by my son at the door. I did quite a double take because with the new beard he looks a lot like my xh. Still shaking my head at that vision.

The remembrance isn't written yet, and when it is it will stay private.

Here we have me wearing an afghan from Afghanistan. Actually a long scarf, which my son said made him think "Oh that's  Mom." My colors and it's hanging outside to air now - a bit too much scent of Afghanistan still lingering on it.  There will be journaling under that flap of Santa on the right. Mainly about dh and the two granddaughters playing on the iPhone and iPad. 

The overlay on the left is one I mad from a Susan Branch image. I had a good time making it into a 3 layer version with red, green and black.  I'd forgotten how to do that and thank goodness all it takes is patience. On the right in a modified MMartin template (Layered Memories 31)  is the day before dinner. We certainly are a digital family and there are also a bunch of movies of each of us on our phones, iPads or Macbooks.  Apple, you must love us.

Another family, former neighbors, also came to dinner and the little ones were so sweet. They ate at the tiny table I got for my first grandchild. He is now 16! Crate and Barrel special. On the right is another Susan Branch image made into an overlay. The Joy and Jingle are gold and look quite nice in my opinion! That's all for the 23rd. Just two more days and that's the December Daily 2010.

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Kate said...

I love your pages. The Scarf really looks warm.I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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