Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Daily December 22

And the days dwindle down... Ah yes, not many more days for December Daily which is just right. As it gets closer to Christmas, I'm in the mood to be a bit less productive. More of a human BEing than a human doing.  However, when the dh asks if the tree is going to be decorated, it tells me he really does like it more than he says. Typical. :) So that was yesterday, along with a bit of time to watch "Salt" and a chance to celebrate some good times with friends in the pm.

The overlay on the right was made from 2 Designer Digital products, KPertiet 1010101 Overlays and LynnG Hint at It 6. I also played with making a brush from a Susan Branch image and making it a 3 color production as an overlay. Later for that one!

Hope you can take time to stop and smell the pine today or whatever great scent is in your home!

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