Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Daily December 21

Back to more digital. By this point in the project, I'm not all that enthused about doing too much hybrid. For us, and mostly me with DH back home, it's a bit busier and I don't have quite the time I'd like to think, create, print, cut and hopefully not lose the add on bits. I certainly don't want to take the time or money to go out shopping for premade scrapbook items. One of the things I like most about digital is that it's compact. For $3 or so I can have an unending supply of an item. I can also tweak the colors, sizes and shapes. For me hybrid is using some of my digitals to make paper elements and perhaps...only just's then tarting them up with some paint or Stickles. Ok, enough of my scrapping philosophy and on with the 'pitchers', right?

On the left you have another one of Studio Gypsy Number Badges which I have really liked using this year. A solid keeper for sure. The "love" is a jelly type stick-on. That's hybrid for sure! The right side is my saga of how snoring allowed me to see the eclipse.

Here on the left is just day to day. The meat and bones of life. On the right is the unexpected Brio dinner. By unexpected I mean I had planned for the bar meal with the small plates but they were so jammed with holiday shoppers we ended up eating off the main menu. His first time for that. A good meal but not quite what I'd hoped for. He was quite content with his fish dinner though and that made ME happy.

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