Monday, December 20, 2010

December Daily December 19

Ah, getting closer to Christmas, and I have himself back home. What a difference that makes!

Little lady with the tree is KPertiet's OldTimeChristmasKit, not sure about the Peace. 19 is from Studio Gypsy #Badges. Overlay is AnnaAspnes but don't recall which. This has been one of the big drawbacks for me as I do a hybrid album. Forgetting what I used, and not having the automatic supply list in a .psd.

See that red tag! That's one of my few attempts at embossing. Geeze Louise, it's so much easier in digital. I didn't burn myself or my paper but ... Page on right is the story about my neighbor. Funny now, but had he fallen asleep/passed out outside, he would have been a story in the paper I'm afraid.

Snow overlay(KPertiet AllYouNeed), tag words(KPertiet CutUpChristmas), and photo frame(Kelly Mize freebie) are all Designer Digitals as is overlay used as template (AliEdwards 2010DecemberDaily6x8).  Papers are DHD JenAllyson Vintage Findings.

Music is KPertiet FaLaLa and the Joy tage is Ormolu.  Phew!  I'm glad I didn't have more stuff on these pages. :-)

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