Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Daily December 18

Not the day I expected as I subbed for a friend at a meeting. I hadn't realized it was an all day meeting. There wasn't anything to document here so I just got a shot of one of the chile judges as there was a chile cook-off for lunch. That adds some spice to a meeting! oh har har, that was bad, wasn't it!

 The Polka page on the left is from Graphic Fairy. I especially liked that it was originally done in Washington DC. Even tho I grew up with polka music, I've never heard of a Christmas Polka. My loss I guess...

The little clock card is from Michaels stationary - $ bin stuff. Sometimes that $ bin has some great stuff I find, and other times just schlock.

 Then I noticed I had forgotten to put in the overlay. I was tired.

The overlay looks best on the left side even tho the Joy looks like You. Not a big deal in my book. And that's all she wrote folks.  Life may get a little more interesting with the return of my bicycle boy. But then again, it may not. Ya never know.

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valérie said...

Really very nice : I like it !

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