Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art of my Heart

Many little art projects all being made with love around here. These are some of the things I thought about when I was on vacation and it was nice to have a chance to actually put knife to paper, after printing of course! First, here are some numbers printed and being cut. Some red on white, some red on green, some round, some square-ish. Square-ish because I didn't allow enough space between the rows of numbers. Live and learn. All for the December Daily.

Second,  there are the Advent Cards I made for my grandson. I hope it will help his mother focus on the joy in living and help relieve the grief from the death of his sister/her daughter. I backed the white cards with two different shades of green cardstock, textured, and the weight is really nice. I also learned a lot about the do's and don't's of using spray adhesive...

Third,  there is the probable binder for my December Daily album. It was really cheap, and I think it came from Target or the Dollar Store. The stickers came from the $ bin at Michaels. The tag was a free download from Natasha S. Rosenberg.

Finally, there is the location of Shutterfly, where I spent much more time than I would have liked, getting the Hawaii album uploaded and sent off to be printed. However, I had two sale coupons and they expire tomorrow so what's a girl to do.

Done, done, done. How does it feel? Damn good. Now it's time to read books and magazines and get the mind recentered.

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