Thursday, November 18, 2010

AAM Hair Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow

This is not a color I've had for quite sometime but I decided to have a change once I got back from Italy. I must say, DH just looks at me and I'd say he isn't overjoyed. However, it is close to the color I had when we got married.  I don't think I'll keep it for a long time because it will take more upkeep. But for now, it's fine. It's different and that's all I wanted. I also think my green eyes are become more of a teal as I age but if they look blue, that's fine with me. I once had brown contact lenses for the intense Middle East sun and that was truly a different look. I didn't like brown at all.

Maybe I need pink streaks in my hair...well, maybe not. In fact I know it's a NOT. Do you make major changes to your hair color? I figure it's less than $10 and if it's really a disaster, I can pay a pro to make it better.  I've never had to so I guess I like change.  If not, you'll see me with another color soon.

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